The development of engineered keratinocyte cell sheets using ink-jet printer technology

MD Candidate Eason Sivayoham will be giving a talk, ‘The development of engineered keratinocyte cell sheets using ink-jet printer technology’ in preparation for the 2011 UKSB meeting in Greenwich. The meeting will be in Room C17 (Materials) at 2 PM on Thursday 16th 2011.


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Society for Experimental Mechanics Annual Conference

Alastair Selby and Dr Steve Wilkinson will be giving practice presentations in preperation of their talks at the SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics at the next group meeting. The meeting will be on Thursday 9th May 2011 at 2 PM in Room B4 (Materials).

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Conference Prizes

Eason Sivayoham won a prize for the best paper, ‘Keratinocyte cell sheets for tissue implantation using inkjet cell printing technology‘ presented at The North of England Otolaryngology Society. The meeting was held on 24th September 2010 at Lowry Arts Centre.

Riaz Akhtar won Third Prize for Best Young Investigator Presentation for his paper ‘Nanomechanical properties of a model of Type 1 diabetic aorta‘ which was presented at Artery 10 meeting held in Verona, Italy (Sunday 17th – Tuesday 19th October 2010).

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Digital Fabrication 2009

Prof. Brian Derby gave a Plenary Talk at NIPS/Digital Fabrication 2009 which took place in Louisville, USA (20-24th September 2009).

You can download his talk by clicking on the image below.

Applications for Inkjet Printing in Biology and Medicine by Brian Derby

Applications for Inkjet Printing in Biology and Medicine by Brian Derby

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Agilent Users Meeting 2009

Alastair Selby and Dr Riaz Akhtar presented posters at the Agilent Users Meeting 2009: Advances in Nanomechanical measurements which took place at University of Leicester (April 28-29 2009). Below are a couple of photos from the conference. Ali’s and Riaz’s poster can be downloaded in pdf format below.

Agilent 2009

Agilent Users Meeting 2009 - Riaz Akhtar and Rhys Jones (Agilent)

Agilent Users Meeting 2009

Agilent Users Meeting 2009

Riaz Akhtars Poster

Alastair Selbys Poster

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Nanoindentation of Biological Tissues and Hydrogels

Dr Michelle Oyen (Cambridge University) recently visited us at the School of Materials on Friday 13th February 2009, to give a seminar. Her presentation, was entitled ‘Nanoindentation and Microindentation Studies of Biological Tissues and Hydrogels”. We are grateful to her for accepting our invitation and for giving an excellent talk which fits well with the groups interests.

The abstract of her talk is below:

‘Interest in the mechanical behaviour of compliant biological tissues and is growing, and the emphasis on applications necessitating mechanically-robust implant materials motivates further study in this field. Nanoindentation has emerged as a leading technique for mechanical characterization; contact-based techniques are particularly attractive for materials that are difficult to test in tension, including soft biological tissues and hydrogels. However, commercial nanoindenter instrumentation is optimized for stiff, hard materials and therefore testing softer materials can be challenging. In the current study, mechanical testing by nanoindentation and larger scale microindentation were performed on a series of materials including polymeric validation standards, hydrogels of different gel composition and concentration, and hydrated biological tissues including bone and cartilage. Most tests were conducted under displacement control with a spherical indenter tip and using a load-relaxation test method to assess time-dependent deformation; creep characterization was considered when working in load control. Data analysis included a variety of different approaches, including a purely elastic analysis, a linear viscoelastic analysis and a computational analysis based on flow and poroelasticity. Quantitative results compare well for nanoindentation and microindentation, with mean elastic modulus values in the range of 100 kPa to 1-2 MPa for hydrogels and cartilage, respectively. Effects of both air dehydration and ethanol immersion are considered, and while these treatments both change the material elastic modulus by several orders of magnitude, the “dry” materials are found to exhibit profoundly different timedependent behavior depending on the dehydration method. The effects of finite layer thickness were considered in microindentation tests, and the result of faster equilibration for thinner gels was consistent with finite element modelling results for poroelasticity in finite layers. Nanoindentation is found to be a viable technique for mechanical characterization of compliant and hydrated tissues although challenges remain for widespread implementation and routine characterization due to the limitations of commercially available instrumentation.’

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MRS Fall 2008

We presented four papers at the MRS Fall 2008 meeting held in Boston, USA (1st-5th December):

Age-related Biomechanical Changes in Aortic Tissue Determined by Scanning Acoustic Microscopy. Riaz Akhtar, Michael J Sherratt, Rachel E Watson and Brian Derby

The Strength of Nanoporous Gold: Strain Gradient and Intrinsic Size Effects. Brian Derby and Rui Dou

The Strength of Gold Nanowires and Nanoporous Gold. Rui Dou and Brian Derby

Universal Scaling Laws for the Strength of Metallic Nanowires. Brian Derby and Rui Dou (poster)

The poster was nominated for the overall prize. The pdf is available to download at the bottom of this post.


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